Keeping in mind higher productivity results into a high performing organization, ePrama has identified and built several tools, which are simple to use but highly effective in performance.

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QMPLY - Process
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Accelerate the adoption of process framework.

The Process accelerator application is aimed at providing a common platform for various users of the organization to access, publish, report, store and share process assets and artifacts.

Anytime, anywhere instructions delivered for asynchronous courses.

ePrama has come out with many eLearning modules, making the training function easy to manage and monitor.

The degree of compliance against a standard or model depends on the mechanism adopted to assess it.

Pre and post certification audit services which ensure that the process implementation is in line with the expectation of the management and meets the organizational objectives of quality.

Ensure an independent view on the status of processes by bringing in objectivity to audits.

Institutionalize a process driven culture in the organization by monitoring process adherence, discover process improvement opportunities and provide visibility into governance and compliance.

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