Success in One’s career depends largely on his or her ability to relate effectively to fellow employees, suppliers and clients. People have a hard time identifying skills because one thinks of them in a limited way. Self-exploration is the most important step. In fact it is a critical step in making a good career decision.

We at ePrama focus:

  • On individual skills – We see skills as anything that’s goal oriented and can be improved with practice
  • On your functional tasks / skills i.e. skills one can pull out of one’s portfolio
  • On adaptive skills – Soft skills which is critical especially when one has to work with people with different cultural background.

Our underlying spirit comprises of the following ethos, beliefs, customs and practices.

We believe that people need to give and get something from the occupation that goes beyond simply earning a salary.

At the base of ethos are core values:

  • Openness: We believe in spontaneous expression of feelings & thoughts and the sharing of these without defensiveness
  • Trust: Trust is absolutely essential for organizational building process. We believe in creating a climate of trust that not only reduces our own but also our employee’s fear of betrayal & rejection and promotes the hope of acceptance, support and career growth.
  • Autonomy: We believe in using & giving freedom to plan and act in ones sphere. Our delegation methods reduce references to seniors for approval of planned actions.
  • Collaboration: We believe in giving help and asking for help from others – working together to solve problems and develop a sense of team spirit, sharing of experience, improved communication and resource optimizing.
  • Experimentation & Creativity: We use and encourage innovative approaches to solve problems, use feedback for improvement, take a fresh look at things and encourage creativity.

Motivation, potential for development, capacity for assuming responsibility, and readiness to direct behaviour towards organizational goals are all already present in people.

We at ePrama believe that it is the responsibility of our management to make it possible for people to recognize and develop these human characteristics for themselves – by providing positive organizational environment and industry best practices for operation so that our employees can excel in their work, achieve their own goals by directing their efforts towards organizational objectives.

Our organizational environment:

  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships or connections
  • Conflict management – Negotiating and resolving disagreements
  • Leadership – Inspiring and guiding individuals and groups
  • Being a change catalyst
  • Better quality of Life
  • Life Satisfaction
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