Building Process Capability

ePrama has recognized that building sound process capability alone will not suffice for improving overall performance of a company. In fact there are several organizations, despite institutionalizing a sound process capability, fail to improve and sustain high performance.

Enhancing People Competence

In order to practice high maturity processes, there is need for competent people. ePrama, recognizing this need, has a developed a stream of trainings on variety of topics, addressing the current industry needs. From basic training to advanced trainings, ePrama can take the people along to higher competence levels.

Accelerate Productivity

Keeping in mind higher productivity results into a high performing organization, ePrama has identified and built several tools, which are simple to use but highly effective in performance thereby optimizing the synergy between process capability and people competence.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting is the flagship service of ePrama Technologies and we offer services towards Building Process Capability, Enhancing People Competence and Productivity enhancing tools.

Welcome to ePrama

ePrama Technologies Pvt Ltd founded by highly experienced practitioners from the Indian software industry with a vision: "To be a Facilitator in Building High Performance Organizations". In its endeavor to build high performance organizations, ePrama has set on a mission to improve the performance of its valued customers, by:

  1. Building Process Capability,
  2. Enhancing People Competence,
  3. Providing Tools that optimizes the synergy between process capability and people competence.

Client and Testimonials

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